Sex for grades not applicable to academically sound students

Posted by Afam Nnaji | 2 years ago | 1,031 times

Excel in your exams as a female student and randy lecturers cannot do anything to you and get away with it.

The fact remains that majority of the victims of sexual harassment in our higher institutions are not sound academically so it is easy for randy lecturers to intimidate, harass or take advantage of them.

It is the same thing with a male student who would resort to sorting lecturers just to pass exams.

How can you sort a lecturer or sleep with a lecturer to pass an exam you would ordinarily get an A or B in?

Funny enough even young girls that actually went out of their way to offer sex for grades to lecturers would be abusing lecturers and claiming sexual harassment.

No be the same higher institutions wey we go these people dey talk about?

The best graduating student in my department was tall, beautiful, sexy etc and no lecturer intimidated or harassed her even when some would complain of sexual harassment.

Some of us even refused to buy handouts from lecturers that would threaten to punish students for not buying them and still didn't sort any lecturer.

But of course, our society is full of people that will see A and prefer to call it B just because it is convenient to do so or just to be seen as supporting whatever majority position that may be out there even if the position is not factually correct.

That stated, there are randy lecturers out there that would not hesitate to take advantage of female or male students whenever they can but again they usually seek and focus on those that aren't doing too well academically.

In corporate offices out there it is the same story. Bosses that would always want to take advantage of their subordinates especially those that need promotion or favors.

For me, there is always a choice to be made when people in position or authority try to take advantage of you.

You can always say NO and damn the consequences or say YES and live with the consequences of your actions but do not claim to be a victim when in fact you could have said NO or actually offered sex in return for grades or positions.

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