Cattle ranching will work if the owners are forced to embrace it

Posted by Afam Nnaji | 3 years ago | 1,551 times

What would make a Nigerian to be praising and supporting a powerful wealthy politician who owns thousands of cows on social media while seeing the poor and disadvantaged herdsman trekking with cows that don't belong to him just to earn his daily bread as the problem forgetting the fact that the herdsman does not own the cows and that the herdsman cannot afford to pay for an AK 47.

Ranching will even benefit the herdsman who will have enough time to rest and tend to the cows apart from not having to quarrel or fight with farmers from time to time.

Ranching makes all the sense in this world but who should be blamed for kicking against ranching? Our big men, yes the owners of these cows.

Do you know the value of say 30 or 50 cows you see poorly paid and vulnerable young and old herdsmen follow about from say Sokoto state to Rivers state?

Ranching will become the law the day the FG say enough is enough and make the powerful wealthy politicians and retired generals that own these cows embrace ranching or be forced to take their cows outside Nigeria.

I refuse to see a poor and vulnerable herdsman as the enemy here when he neither owns the cows nor has the means and powers to embrace ranching.

That herdsman is just like a gate man or a driver to a big man out there. You get to see him but he does not have any real powers to change anything only his boss can change or influence.

Before you begin to riot just understand this fact - there is a world of difference between a Fulani herdsman and an armed Fulani herdsman and this piece has absolutely nothing to do with the armed Fulani herdsman that is paid and armed by the real owners of these cows to kill and destroy so that their cows will have access to grass and water in other peoples lands.

Every poor and vulnerable Nigerian irrespective of tribe and/or religion has been and is still being shortchanged by the privileged few that have cornered the collective wealth of Nigerians.

Ranching is the way forward if the real owners of these cows are made to embrace it as the only option.

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