Mr President, you signed a contract with Nigerians not politicians

Posted by Afam Nnaji | 2 years ago | 1,138 times

Mr President,

The masses do not care whether the killing, kidnapping and general insecurity in the land are political in nature or not.

Unless all the people that were murdered resurrected just before or after they were buried and those that paid millions as ransom to kidnappers collected the money they were forced to give out I think giving excuses at this point it time simply shows that you do not know what to do or know how to do solve the problem of insecurity in the land.

You are the President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces so we do not need excuses, we want action, we want to travel without doing dry fasting days before because of armed robbers or kidnappers on our expressways.

It is perfectly normal for the politicians in the opposition political parties to focus on areas you have performed badly, that is politics, you did it as an opposition politician before you became president.

You called fuel subsidy a fraud but as president you are still the Petroleum Minister in addition to being the President and you are paying more subsidies than the former President you criticized even after increasing the pump price from N85/litre to N145/litre and NNPC are hinting that the N145/litre is no longer sustainable which means that the pump price may still go up in no distant time..

As opposition politician you were harsh on the previous government's determination to crush boko haram and promised to lead from the front if elected in order to defeat boko haram.

As opposition politician, you condemned the practice of Nigerian government officials traveling abroad for medical reasons but as president you have been traveling abroad using government facilities and funds.

So, get the security chiefs to sort out the security challenges, get the economic team to improve the economy, get the labour and productivity people to work on jobs, employments and opportunities and please appoint ministers and get on with the very serious task of running the most populous black nation on earth.

Not all Nigerians are politicians but all Nigerians get to face the consequences of your actions whether right or wrong.

Some of us that have always believed in Project One Nigeria are increasingly finding it difficult to understand if it is still in our own best interest to fight for it since it appears it would require the blood of the innocent to keep the project going forward considering recent threats, killings, kidnappings etc.

You were elected to solve the problems in Nigeria and to move the nation forward. Just do your job and Nigerians won't bother with the politicians and their remarks.

Why not shame those opposition politicians that are badmouthing you and your administration by performing so well that they won't find a single reason to criticize you again?

The contract you signed is with the Nigerian people not with opposition politicians.

Thank you.

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