Blame societal, family and peer pressures for most suicides

Posted by Afam Nnaji | 2 years ago | 780 times

Societal, peer and family pressures are responsible for most of the suicide cases that have been happening of recent, at least in Nigeria based on media reports.

Boyfriend jilts girlfriend and she commits suicide.

Girlfriend jilts boyfriend and he commits suicide.

He or she fails an exam and sniper comes to the rescue.

He couldn't pay rent and he hangs himself.

Let us try to remove depression from the equation for a minute and try to address how the society, family and peers exert unnecessary pressure on the young ones who grow into adulthood believing that life is one huge competition where you must meet up, measure up to a certain standard or you are seen as a failure.

Only someone that sees passing exams as a do or die affair would kill himself or herself for failing an exam.

The young ones should be allowed to be themselves and develop into what they are best suited for.

You must read medicine or you must become a lawyer or engineer when the person could become a billionaire and very satisfied singing or dancing?

People that withstand and overcome challenges do not have two heads, they simply see life differently and they are grateful for the free gift of life they enjoy and believe that tomorrow will be better than today.

When we reduce and equate these stupid suicide cases to clinical depression that only medical professionals should handle then we are not just living in denial but providing cover for some of these stupid people that kill themselves over small issues like failing exams or being turned down by a lover.

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