Your vehicle catalytic converter may have been long stolen without your knowledge

Posted by Afam Nnaji | 5 years ago | 6,772 times

If you sabi how many mechanics wey dem don arrest because of catalyst you go shock - motor spare parts dealer at Ladipo

Most modern cars have them and what is generally believed is that they help in the area of fuel economy - which means that your engine will run smoother and e no go dey chop fuel.

A catalytic converter is an exhaust emission control device that converts toxic gases and pollutants in exhaust gas from an internal combustion engine into less-toxic pollutants by catalyzing a redox reaction (an oxidation and a reduction reaction). ... They are also used on some wood stoves to control emissions. - wikipedia

I went to Ladipo motor spare parts market to buy and replace the car's catalyst that was probably stolen by the mechanic that was asked to fix the car like 8 years ago.

It turned out that it was common practice for mechanics to steal them and sell them because they are used to make igbo/ganja and bullets according to what some of the mechanics said.

So, you could ask a mechanic to service your vehicle and your vehicle catalyst will just develop wings.

The price ranges from N35,000.00 to N70,000.00 or more depending on the type of car and year of manufacture.

So, if your vehicle suddenly begins to consume far more fuel than normal better go check to see if the catalyst is still there and have it replaced if already stolen.

Since stealing this catalyst is a common practice it would help if you would remind your mechanic that you do not want to hear any stories about the catalyst in your car, at least that should be enough deterrent.

I even heard some mechanics would tell car owners that these catalysts destroy engines and the car owners would be the ones to ask them to remove them and the lying mechanics would just become richer by anyone amount they sell the catalysts for.

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