FRSC should stop using human beings as wedges on our expressways

Posted by Afam Nnaji | 4 years ago | 2,149 times

In Anambra and Edo states FRSC officials usually use a vehicle driven by a FRSC official to block the expressway when they want to stop vehicles.

This is not only unsafe and dangerous but reckless and irresponsible.

I asked one of the FRSC officials that came to me when I was stopped along Benin expressway why they were engaging in such reckless and dangerous behavior considering the fact that a vehicle on high speed could ram into the FRSC car and the man said that 19 out of 20 motorists they ask to stop would not stop hence the practice.

I then asked him if they considered the high risk involved and he said the driver always pulls back if he notices the on coming vehicle won't stop and when I asked him if they had considered the possibility of the car engine disappointing the driver just at the point of reversing to avoid a collision he could give any reasonable answer.

Can't these guys deploy cameras and CCTVs to capture, process and work on offenders?

Can't these guys use technology to solve this simple problem?

How about just capturing the plate numbers and entering them into a central Vehicle License Registration and Renewal database and having this plate number checked against the database when the time comes for renewals and those with outstanding traffic related issues asked to pay the relevant fines before the vehicle license renewals are done?

How can a commission that is saddled with the very important responsibility of keeping our roads safe be engaging in a very obvious reckless and dangerous practice of using FRSC vehicles to block expressways just to make motorists stop for the FRSC officials to check them?

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