Our leaders should stop destroying the Chinese spirit in Nigerians

Posted by Afam Nnaji | 5 years ago | 2,516 times

The world especially developing nations should be grateful to China because without China a lot of developing nations would have been worse off today when it comes to access to technology.

From cheap mobile phones to cheap solar panels to cheap electronics to cheap medical equipment the story is the same - gadgets that would have been too expensive for most people to acquire are in the hands of such people today and we have China to thank for that.

Bought a blood glucose monitoring system (of course made in China) and after watching a couple of videos online was able to successfully test the blood glucose levels of myself and my wife at home.

The results show that while her glucose level is fantastic I need to watch and cut down on carbohydrate or sugar intake before person go enter pre-diabetes stage wey be the stage before full blown diabetes.

Yeah, I can now draw blood from anyone's hand and carry out the test without flinching like our nurses that take blood samples from people for tests like it's no big deal.

Now, if the Chinese can develop all these things and grow their economy then it means that Nigerians can equally develop useful gadgets and products we need here in Nigeria which will translate into job opportunities, solutions to problems, increased revenue for the government and better quality of life.

We have more than enough intelligent Nigerians to make this happen but unfortunately some of them are routinely picked up and sent to jail over minor issues, some of them are shot by armed robbers or security forces, some of them lose their lives in avoidable accidents, some are even slaughtered by armed Fulani herdsmen, Boko haram terrorists have dispatched some to the after life while some of them are currently looking for one crime or another to get involved in since there are no jobs out there with the on going recession and closing down of businesses even as very few powerful Nigerians make and keep in their private bank accounts millions and billions of naira every single day in this same Nigeria.

Where are our future leaders and technology drivers and innovators?

What are the plans and opportunities open to them for them to flourish?

Will quota system, poor leadership, nepotism, corruption and useless tribal and religious sentiments plus crime allow these Nigerians try to keep a date with destiny? I think not!

Biafra agitators are insisting on creating a new nation from Nigeria.

Northern youth forum have reportedly asked the Igbos to leave the North in 2 months time and have asked their people to leave the Eastern region and return home.

The governor of Kaduna state from where the press release was made has called for the arrest of the people that made the press release.

Middle Belt forum just did their own press release today complaining of armed Fulani herdsmen.

Obviously, there is fire on the mountain and no one appears to be interested in running even though those that have stolen Nigeria dry have their families abroad or are just a flight away from leaving Nigeria should things get out of hand.

May we not experience what other war torn countries experienced before we do the right thing and make it possible for Nigerians with the Chinese spirits to start producing things and putting Nigeria back on the right track as the world's most populous black nation that other blacks look up to for inspiration and direction.

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