South East and South West were not created in the 60s please!!!

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Hahaha so this Mohammed Lawal Shuaibu that claims to have a higher degree in history just blocked me because I told him I was going to post a response I made as an update so that people will know how ignorant he is even though he has been calling people that have been trying to correct him ignorant all the while?

Now, a Nigerian university graduate with a higher degree in history still believes in 2017 that the South East and the South West were created in the 60s.

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Could it be that universities in the North deliberately misinform and teach wrong history to their history students or could this be a case of a student not understanding what he was taught in class?

The response that made him to run away

Let me help make it clear that you are the ignorant person here.

1. At independence we had Northern region, Western region and Eastern region.

2. Before the first military coup in Jan 1966 we had the Northern region, Western region, Mid Western region and Eastern region.

3. In the 90s the concept of grouping the states into 6 distinct geo political regions (it was Alex Ekwueme that came up with the recommendation) was introduced and that was how North East, North West, North Central, South East, South West and South South geo political regions were created.

So, the South East was created the same day the North East or North West was created same way the South South was created the same day the South East, South West. North Central or North East was created.

The Eastern region that existed before states were created by Gowon comprises of the 5 South East states and 4 South South states today.

The Mid Western region that existed before states were created by Gowon comprises of 2 South South states today.

Please, print this comment and take it to your lecturers and ask them why they lied to you concerning simple history that anyone can relate to.

Specifically ask them why an adult like you should be deceived with false information and lies.

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