Fixing of Enugu Onitsha expressway - PMB is doing in 18 months what GEJ didn't give a damn about in his 5 years in office as president

Posted by Afam Nnaji | 6 years ago | 5,561 times

Beyond political promises PMB is achieving in less than 18 months what GEJ didn't give a damn about in his 5 years of being the president of Nigeria.

I am talking about the Enugu Onitsha expressway that someone actually said took him 50 minutes as against 4 hours to move either from Enugu to Onitsha or Onitsha to Enugu (can't remember the direction now) due to the remedial work already done on the road.

This is saying a BIG thank you to President Buhari for acting beyond his 97% and 5% remark.

Now, any Igbo man from the South East will have problems saying that GEJ did better than PMB even though this is just a rehabilitation of a federal road in the South East geo political region.

Well done to Fashola too. Just make sure the road will be as solid as Oregun Road in Ikeja that Bola Tinubu fixed and has not experienced any pot hole for over 10 years now.

GEJ, for now you are on your own as far as the South East is concerned when talking about what past and present presidents and heads of state did for and/or in the region.

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