Coal - a natural resource that can drastically change Igboland!!!

Posted by Afam Nnaji | 5 years ago | 4,610 times

Found in the East. We don't need to buy or import it!!

It can be used to

1. Generate all the electricity in the South East and beyond. Just imagine what steady electricity would do to our people and the money the South East would make by selling electricity to people both within and outside the South East.

2. Produce fuel. Yes, fuel you can use to drive your cars, same one that we import from other countries even though we export crude oil because we are too corrupt to refine locally in Nigeria. If you force hydrogen on carbon (coal) you get light hydrocarbon (fuel/petrol). This is just like reversing the naturally occurring decomposition process that leads to coal from the heavy hydrocarbons.

Now, we have coal laying waste in the South East and our so called leaders cannot think beyond acquiring properties in Lagos, Abuja and outside Nigeria?

Imagine what steady electricity and home grown/produced fuel from coal would do and mean to our people.

Are we cursed with visionless leaders or just plain stupid with our zombie like following even as the same youth that complain of joblessness readily make themselves available to be used as assassins, thugs, ballot box snatchers etc during election periods?

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