So the current IG actually lied against the former IG about him 'stealing' 24 vehicles?

Posted by Afam Nnaji | 6 years ago | 2,104 times

Why accuse falsely or tell a lie when you have all the resources to get the facts especially when setting the records straight and exposing the lie is easy?

Was he in a hurry to impress PMB or was he just trying to rubbish the former IG based on ethnic and religious sentiments?

I strongly believe that the idea of appointing junior officers as head of the military or paramilitary institutions they are part of thereby forcing their superiors into compulsory retirements is wrong because you sacrifice experience that may make the difference positively I must add to the country.

Throwing away experiences acquired over the years from at least 10 senior officers just because a junior officer was elevated is not proper.

By the way, must a serving police officer be the IGP?

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