Continue to dey praise wetin no good until e go late

Posted by Afam Nnaji | 6 years ago | 3,225 times

When dem begin kidnap white men for Niger Delta some Niger Deltans been dey hail dem.

When white men run comot the kidnappers begin target locals.

When fraudsters begin do 419 dey target oyibo some Nigerians been dey hail them.

When oyibo come wise and dem no dey too fall mugu easily the fraudsters face Nigerians.

When boko haram been dey target government offices, security agents and Christians a lot of Northern Muslims no give a damn.

But when dem begin target mosques and Muslims na then everyone come gree say boko haram no good.

Now, avengers dey blow pipelines and some Nigerians dey hail them.

Tomorrow if dem no see pipelines to blow up dem fit target your house, office, market, church etc.

Continue to dey praise wetin no good until e go late.

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