Criminalizing the actions of Fulani herdsmen and addressing them as criminals would help

Posted by Afam Nnaji | 7 years ago | 2,833 times

I don't believe the Fulani herdsmen have the backing of the FG otherwise they wouldn't have been killing farmers and their families on their farmlands when OBJ and GEJ were presidents unless they were Northerners while in office.

The Police IG said they are not Nigerians and you begin to ask what the police and other security agencies are waiting for before descending on these so called foreigners that are terrorizing, maiming and killing Nigerians in their homes and on their farmlands in Nigeria.

Criminalizing their actions and addressing them as criminals would help in dealing with the problem instead of claiming they have the backing of the FG.

Villagers that allow these herdsmen to get away after killing their women and children should hide their heads in shame.

Death is fate and I would rather die defending the honor of my people than watch them get killed and then blame the FG everyday.

Perhaps, the multi millionaires and billionaires that actually own the cows are the ones settling the security agencies, who knows?

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