Further crash in crude oil price in our own best interest

Posted by Afam Nnaji | 5 years ago | 2,308 times

I want the price of crude oil to drop to $2 per barrel tomorrow so that our people will start thinking because as things stand today our leaders are only interested in sharing money in Abuja every month!

The crash will make the following things easy to accomplish: regional autonomy, healthy rivalry and competition, self determination etc because no one would pretend again as regards love for One Nigeria when there is no crude oil money to share.

How can a country that is blessed with abundant natural and human resources be known for all imaginable negative developments from corruption to poverty to religious intolerance to destruction of lives and properties to hunger to terrorism etc?

What happened to the groundnut pyramids? What of the cocoa and palm oil that different regions produced and even exported before crude oil was found?

Why should our engineers, doctors, lawyers and other professionals abandon their disciplines for politics because it appears to provide the highest return on investment in Nigeria where someone with less than N30,000.00 in his bank account could become a multi billionaire not multi millionaire after winning an election with the help of a god father and rigging?

We cannot continue like this unless we are planning to self destruct.

A situation whereby state governors don’t think about creating wealth using the natural and human resources in their states yet depend completely on the monthly sharing of money in Abuja is a shame and only reduced revenue from crude oil sales would knock some senses into the heads of these governors.

Finally, without revenues from crude oil sales we will know whether the love for the people is responsible for clamor for One Nigeria or love for the crude oil is responsible for the clamor for One Nigeria.

If there is genuine love for one another in Nigeria today we will not see Nigerians fight and kill one another on account of religions, tribal and political differences.

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