Biafra Republic existed between 1967 and 1970

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Biafra Republic existed between 1967 and 1970

This period was when the people of the then Eastern region were forced to secede from Nigeria since the lives of the people from the region could not be guaranteed and protected by the government of Nigeria. Massacres and pogroms were carried out with either connivance or active support of the security forces outside the then Eastern region who did next to nothing to protect innocent civilians especially the Igbos.

Non Easterners were granted safe passage from the Eastern region as Late Ojukwu guaranteed the safety of non Easterners and those that needed to return to their people were escorted out of the Eastern region alive and not in body bags, caskets or trucks full of dead bodies.

The Igbos don't believe in watering their lands with the blood of the innocent let alone those of strangers!!

A bitter civil war was fought, a war that was a necessary fight for survival, honor, dignity and pride of the people from the then Eastern region!

Out numbered from day one in terms of number of soldiers and arms the Biafrans fought back and defended their land for 30 months before they surrendered mainly due to the fact that a deliberate policy of starvation targeted at the most vulnerable - the women and children had led to the deaths of over 2 million innocent people.

This was after some parts of Biafra Republic betrayed the cause and supported Nigeria in the war. Cameroun was prevailed upon to block the Eastern part of Biafra and the country was rewarded with the oil rich Bakassi not too long ago for the work they did. All major powers supported Nigeria in the conflict with some Egyptian pilots even flying fighter jets bombing people and places in Biafra.

Biafra was the first major attempt by Africans to create a nation outside the balkanization and sharing of Africa that was done between 1884 and 1885 in Germany (The Berlin conference of 1884-1885) hence the world powers knew that the success of Biafra would lead to more creation of proper nations and not nations that were created by Europeans in Germany.

Yet, in those 30 months, Biafrans rebuilt airports at night after being bombed in the day time, they refined and produced their own fuel which they used to drive their vehicles, they manufactured arms and guided missiles/bombs popularly known as ogbunigwe and resisted the onslaught until they could no longer stand and watch their women and children die from starvation - a policy Late Awolowo stated was a legitimate war policy and actually took responsibility of in an interview in the early 80s.

So, Biafra Republic represented a worthy project between when it was declared and when the war ended.

Now, for those talking about Biafra in 2015 hear this:

There was nothing like Biafra when the Igbos were doing very well in all sectors in Nigeria from commerce to civil service to the military before the ill advised/badly planned and implemented military coup in Jan 1966 and there was nothing like Biafra when after the civil war we transformed 20 pounds to a huge success story with arguably the region with the highest standard of living in Nigeria today.

Some of the people that seized properties of the Igbos have not been able to build a single hut with their hands and from their sweats.

These facts are why calls for Biafra today make no sense and represent an unnecessary distraction that does our people and land more harm than good.

I heard that some unarmed Biafra proponents were shot at with some casualties reported yesterday while they were carrying out a peaceful protest.

May God grant the souls of the departed eternal rest and may God grant us the courage to tell our brothers, uncles, sons and fathers that the reason for the Republic of Biafra that existed between 1967 and 1970 does not exist today and as such pushing for the creation of Biafra today without the support and input from the elected governors, senators and house of representatives is an effort in futility especially when some of the areas that make up this Biafra some people talk about openly resent the Igbos and have made it clear that they do not wish to be in a separate nation that will be carved out of Nigeria.

The shooting proper

If the people shot were unarmed why shoot them when they could be arrested and tried for whatever offense the FG believe they have committed?

Chad Republic tried, sentenced to death 10 Boko haram militants and actually executed them within 48 hours.

In Nigeria, Boko haram militants have been arrested and jailed with some transferred to prisons in the South East even after some of these militants have murdered innocent Nigerians.

No innocent Nigerian deserves to die and no unarmed Nigerian deserves to be shot.

Hate the Igbos or love them, you can never ignore them!!!

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