Nigeria should guarantee peace, freedom, justice, equity and a level playing ground for every Nigerian irrespective of tribe or religion

Posted by Afam Nnaji | 7 years ago | 4,323 times

If Nigeria can guarantee these things then no one will be calling for any independent Igbo nation or Oodua nation for example.

It is either we make this marriage work well or we go our separate ways.

It is wrong to threaten, maim or even kill people from certain parts of the country because they are living in your own region and when they begin to call for separation you begin to complain.

Nigeria prevented people from being Biafrans and fought a civil war so Nigeria should not prevent people from being Nigerians too.

The Igbos will survive and progress either as part of Nigeria or as an independent Igbo nation and the Igbos do not need a single drop of crude oil from any non Igbo state to survive.

If the Igbos can do business and contest and win elections in other countries and continents without problems I wonder why anyone in Nigeria should be complaining about the Igbos doing business or playing politics in any part of Nigeria.

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