Until we begin to think through issues without unnecessary sentiments and emotions we will continue to move from one blunder to another

Posted by Afam Nnaji | 7 years ago | 2,738 times

Same way some of our people defended the blind and total support we gave GEJ in 2011 when some of us were pointing out the possible consequences and how Ndigbo will be the greatest losers after GEJ anytime he leaves office and we were told that we would rather support any body or even a goat than to vote for a Northerner is the same way some people are defending this Biafra project that is neither properly defined nor understood even by the proponents.

Some even believed that GEJ would hand over power to an Igbo man in either 2015 or 2019 even when some of us repeatedly pointed out the fact that GEJ does not even have the powers to make himself president and that was why he was doing everything to please the Northerners and South Westerners.

Today, we have effectively boxed ourselves into an embarrassing corner politically and relegated to the background even as one of the 3 major tribes or ethnic groups in Nigeria.

Some of us were threatened and called sabo for objecting to plans to murder Northerners and Muslims in the South East based on Boko Haram attacks happening in the North East about 3/4 years ago. Some of our people especially the noisy and vocal ones ignorantly believed that Boko haram was set up just to target and finish the Igbos even when some of us were doing everything to correct that misinformation and propaganda using easy to verify facts.

As at today you have 4 different countries (Cameroun, Chad, Niger and Nigeria) fighting Boko haram militants with casualties being recorded on all sides yet some of our people wanted to make the Boko haram issue an Igbo vs Boko haram issue and turn the South East into a war zone in the process.

I wonder how far we would have gone in crushing Boko haram in our backyard as some people boasted when they claimed I was one of the people preventing or sabotaging the plans for the Igbos to finish off boko haram.

Until we begin to think through issues without unnecessary sentiments and emotions we will continue to move from one blunder to another.

People tend to forget that there are Americans that are living in Canada today never to return because they chose to leave the US rather than to go and fight in Iraq when they were drafted.

For the Igbos living outside Nigeria shouting Biafra and encouraging their people to fight and die on their behalf shame on you. You are the real cowards because you have failed to put your bodies where your mouths are.

That stated, at my age I will never allow people that do not even understand themselves let alone the issues they dabble into to think for me neither will I jump into any project just because the name Igbo is attached to the project.

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