Will Nigeria be the new Iraq, Libya or Syria?

Posted by Afam Nnaji | 8 years ago | 4,010 times

If you want to know whether an African country is making progress or not just check how the likes of US and UK view the president of the country.

If the US and UK begin to sing the praises of any African leader then the leader is protecting the interests of the US and UK in that country even to the detriment of the people in that country.

If the US and UK begin to undermine, malign or criticize an African leader then the leader must be placing the interests of his people above the interests of the US and UK.

Names like Ghadafi and Mugabe readily come to mind.

During the bombardment and destruction of Libya by US and NATO based on lies and propaganda I asked some of my friends that were supporting the destruction of the most prosperous nation in Africa with the highest standard of living what they would do if the US were to support and back Boko Haram against the government in power in Nigeria while calling them freedom fighters or pro democracy activists and using CNN and BBC to deceive people with propaganda?

Most of them said 'lai lai, it can't happen' yet the same US have accused Nigerian government/military of carrying out human rights abuses against Boko Haram, the same US have refused to sell weapons to Nigeria to fight Boko Haram, the same US have actually frustrated Nigeria's attempt at getting weapons from elsewhere and just a couple of days ago the same US promised to provide more help to Nigeria if the elections won't be postponed!!!

So, to the US, conducting the election in February is more important to them than helping to fight terrorists?

Remember that the consultants helping APC are the same guys that managed Obama's campaign so for them the stakes are high. If they fail to deliver the presidency to APC even when they delivered the US presidency to Obama their rating and reputation will take a hit and that is why they are doing everything possible to mess up Nigeria. I heard Christiane Amanpour called our president a failed president.

At a time like this, you just miss late Gen Abacha who was a master in such reciprocal diplomacy - remember the renaming of Walter Carrrington to Louis Farakhan Crescent when the US renamed the street where our embassy was in New York to Kudirat Abiola (as I heard).

I just hope that the US won't export democracy to us using bombs and bullets they way they did in Libya and Iraq.

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