Still on Gen Buhari's certificate matter

Still on Gen Buhari's certificate matter

It may take you a lifetime to build your integrity and a very small issue you may consider inconsequential to lose it.

Gen Buhari's certificate on my mind.

Anyone that still believes that he has it is either confused, insincere or a desperate liar.

My facebook friend Jasper Azuatalam while responding to a question on Channels TV on phone this morning claimed that the Gen Buhari's secondary school principal's recommendation letter covered the issue of the certificate but it appears he didn't understand what the principal wrote in the recommendation letter.

A principal saying 'my student is fit for military commissioning and he will pass his WAEC' is certainly not the same thing as saying ''my student is fit for military commissioning and he has passed his WAEC''

In fact, once you are through with secondary school your school principal has no business talking about your WAEC results.

So, did Gen Buhari present his WAEC certificate at the time of his joining the army? Based on everything that has been made public under the sun I think not!!!

For those asking why the same issue of certificate wasn't raised when he contested the same presidential elections 3 times I would refer them to Mike Ozekhome's take on the issue as regards the amended INEC guidelines.

“I wish to state that I have done, by God’s grace, a lot of election petition matters and I know that up till 2011, INEC form provides that candidates should state their qualifications. In other words, just say that you have O’level; you have B.Sc; you have BL etc; then, you go and sit down.

“But right now, the rule has changed. Form CF001 says apart from filling your qualifications, you must attach them; you must attach photocopies of your qualifications; and to attach means to bind; it means to glue-to. As we look at the form that you have filled, we have to see all your certificates attached to your form.

“So, if you do not attach them, you have not satisfied the minimum requirements; it is therefore not proper to refer INEC to go on a wild goose chase by saying they should look elsewhere for my qualifications.”

For me, it should be about the system or the process and not about the individual.

I honestly feel for Gen Buhari who I believe is determined to make a change for the better in Nigeria. Whether or not he can do that under a complex democratic system is besides the point. The drive and willingness to serve are enough qualities for me to respect him.

But this certificate issue has not been handled well at all.

Don't tell us it doesn't matter. It matters to those of us that believe that rules are made to be obeyed and sincerity is key.

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