Ndigbo are into tribal politics statement is mere propaganda

Ndigbo are into tribal politics statement is mere propaganda

Once a Northerner is contesting a presidential election majority of the Northerners support and vote for the Northern candidate.

Once a South Westerner is contesting a presidential election majority of the South Westerners support and vote for the South Western candidate.

But even when a South Easterner is contesting a presidential election majority of the South Easterners support and vote for the non South Eastern candidate.

So, we have a situation whereby the Hausas, Fulanis, Yorubas etc usually support massively their own in presidential elections whereas the Igbos don't have problems supporting non Igbos in presidential elections yet some jokers accuse the Igbos of playing tribal politics in Nigeria because some of them are supporting GEJ?

Is this not hypocrisy?

The same Igbos supported the North, no wahala. They supported the South West, no wahala. But they support the South South and people are talking nonsense even when close to 70% of the present South South region was part of the then Eastern region before the divide and rule tactic was used on them by the FG just before the civil war?

They want the Igbos to isolate GEJ so they can deal with him the same way Saro Wiwa was isolated (rightfully so by the way) before Abacha dealt with him.

I am now more convinced than ever before that the South East should not bow to blackmail and freely support and back GEJ for the presidency since they have backed people from other regions without problems in the past.

The fact that over 90% of the crude oil that keeps Nigeria's economy running comes from the South South and the South East means that the people from those regions must understand the fact that they face the same risks, challenges and opportunities so working together would do them more good than working against each other.

One may support a party or candidate not because he/she likes the party or candidate but because the alternative may not be in the interest of the person.

APC remains the surest way to keep the South East out of Aso Rock because after Buhari (assuming he wins) the South West will take over from him irrespective of the 8 years OBJ did not too long ago.

NB: 3 states out of 5 states in the South East have crude oil and some of them are part of the NDDC whereas the coal in one of the states can provide steady electricity for the whole country.

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