Boko Haram onslaught - are we really safe?

Boko Haram onslaught - are we really safe?

4 years into GEJ's presidency Boko Haram attacks seem to have been increasing, more killings, more towns and villages being taken and renamed and it doesn't appear as if this is going to change anytime soon.

Ordinarily, a powerful president of Nigeria would have dealt with Boko Haram decisively and all their supporters and financiers punished. But the reverse is the case.

Now, do you honestly believe that Boko Haram activities and attacks will reduce or stop if/when GEJ is re-elected in 2015? I think NOT!!

So, if our president who was voted into office by majority of Nigerians cannot protect and defend the innocent and defenseless Nigerians from the hands of a terrorist group then it will be in the over all best interest of Nigeria and Nigerians for him to leave the stage when his current tenure expires in 2015.

For those of you that keep saying that Boko Haram is the business of the North I really pity you because you are deluded and highly ignorant of the nature of these killings and the effect of people being sacked from their villages and towns or be murdered by Boko Haram if they just feel like.

If they move to your own town or village today what will you do other than to run or send money to your loved ones for them to run for their dear lives?

If the soldiers cannot stop them trust me your ignorant tribal and religious bigotry on social media won't!!!

GEJ should do more to stop these attacks or leave the stage in 2015 if he believes he cannot do anything to stop the attacks and onslaught.

How many more innocent Nigerian men, women and children have to die before something drastic is done to deal with this problem.

Enough of the politics, sentiments and blame games.

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