Distributed energy generation remains the solution to our power problems

Distributed energy generation remains the solution to our power problems

Uninterrupted power supply for the last 2 weeks even when nothing came from the grid for 3 days sometime last week thanks to the regular power inverter backup system.

I really don't understand how people spend so much running generators when 50% of what they spend in a year could get them an inverter backup system (inverter plus batteries) that they would enjoy for at least 2 years before noticing appreciable drop in performance of the batteries.

Good enough, some batteries are becoming more reliable these days.

Only 2 nos 12V 200ah deep cycle batteries guaranteed the 2 weeks backup since hooking them up to a 2 batteries inverter system 2 weeks ago.

Do you now see why a sensible distribution energy generation model would help solve our power problem in Nigeria in record time?

Imagine if I wasn't just using the grid to charge the batteries but generating electricity using solar panels or wind turbines.

That stated, backup systems are backup systems not replacement systems so you will certainly experience a change in lifestyle which means that things like air conditioners, heaters, freezers, pressing irons are not things you expect to run on inverter backup systems on the cheap.

Both for most things you use with your regular generator like fans, electronics from TVs to laptops to musical systems and of course energy bulbs (read energy saving bulbs) you will be home and dry with a good inverter backup system.

Final note on batteries

Knowing and buying a particular brand is no guarantee that the quality of the battery will be high because we have cowboys that import all sorts of batteries from China with whatever brand names you can imagine and of course you don't expect the batteries to be as reliable as the ones manufactured by or for the real brand owners.

Put differently, the credibility and integrity of the person or company importing the batteries (since we are not serious enough to manufacture deep cycle batteries locally here in Nigeria in spite of the fact that it is a guaranteed money spinning multi billion naira business) is far more important (if not the only factor) in knowing how reliable the batteries you intend to buy would be.

Look out for 1 year warranties for deep cycle batteries. Anything less than that should sound the alarm bell in your ears unless you are either deaf or a chronic and careless risk taker.

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