Arsenal wins the FA Cup Final after crushing Chelsea

Arsenal wins the FA Cup Final after crushing Chelsea

FA Cup Winners (Arsenal 2 - 1 Chelsea)

Arsenal - the most winning FA Cup team of all time

Wenger - the most winning FA Cup manager of all time

Per - Captain Fantastic

Ozil - Orgasmic Football Skills

Sanchez - Passionate Workaholic

Ramsey - Sexy and Stylish Gunner

Holding - Young Lion with a Brave Heart

Giroud - Pure Class

Bellerin - The Speed Star

Welbeck - The Committed Striker

Monreal - The Rock

Coquelin - The French Berlin Wall

Xhaka - Long Ranger

Ospina - Small but Mighty Keeper

Cech - The Clean Sheet Specialist

Ox - Style, Speed, Guts all Combined

Tell me why all sensible football followers will not support and follow Arsenal the Original Pride of London?

Arsenal, a team made in heaven with a world class intelligent and committed manager called Arsene Wenger!!

Wenger, sign the damn 5 years extension contract!!!

Stan, pay Ozil and Sanchez whatever they ask for. We will help out if need be.

This Arsenal team will win the Europa, EPL, Capital One Cup and FA Cup again then the next season we will win the Champions League!!!


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