Is our problem really corruption and bad leadership or severance of the links with our spirituality?

Is our problem really corruption and bad leadership or severance of the links with our spirituality?

Is witchcraft a bad thing or is it being condemned by powerful governments and religions who are scared of human beings being able to activate and operate on levels most human beings don't operate on even when meditation is all that may be required?

Do you believe in ghosts and spirits?

Why were the Europeans executing witches in the past?

Do you know that by serious meditation you can venture into the higher realm and see and understand things most people will neither see nor understand?

I once read a book and just 3 pages into the book I knew that something very new and strange was happening around me and I stopped.

Pastor Sam Adeyemi touched on witchcraft sometime in 2013 and stated 'unfortunately, the Eastern people (read China, India etc) have mastered the art of higher consciousness through meditation better than the Christians'. You get to see the Asians use meditation for medical and healing purposes for example.

Now, since the Asians are not predominantly Christians and Muslims it means that all the Middle Eastern religions mean very little to them and the likes of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob remain relevant to the Jews and Arabs.

Put differently, they are on their own.

Now, Indians and Chinese are producing things. They know how to attain this higher level of consciousness and key into knowledge you don't get from the classroom.

The Europeans do same according to their cultures and traditions irrespective of a foreign religion. Even the Brazilians are leading the world in the area of using plants to fuel their cars while the Russians are doing well in terms of science and technology.

Maybe in the next 10,000 years the people that will be alive then would tell you that God created Adam, Eve and Drone not knowing that human beings manufactured drones (manless planes).

What of Africans? Where do they belong in all of these?

I thought Africans built the pyramids? I thought Africans embalmed dead bodies for thousands of years and carried out surgeries long before Western medicine came to Africa? I thought Africans mastered and conquered the earth their own way and lived longer and healthier than they are living now?

Is our problem really corruption and bad leadership or severance of the links with our spirituality?

Spiritually speaking, Russian ancestors would effortlessly reveal things to Russians, Chinese ancestors to Chinese, European ancestors to Europeans, Middle Eastern ancestors to Middle Easterners, not so?

So, who gets to reveal things to Africans? People from the Middle East?

We have traditional bone menders that fix bones most orthopedic hospitals would recommend for amputation not so?

Africans are spiritually lost and confused. The fact that Africans are followers of foreign religions makes the confusion serious and near permanent.

The gods are wise. How will a Jewish spirit reveal anything to an Igbo man or Yoruba man for example when the Jewish spirit may only understand the Jewish language?

Ideas rule the world and these ideas come from intense thinking, brainstorming, meditation and revelation from higher powers and knowledge.

What exactly is witchcraft? Is it bad? Is it good?

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