As Donald Trump becomes the next POTUS

As Donald Trump becomes the next POTUS

Americans are simply saying that anyone that could effortlessly delete emails could as well delete nuclear codes hehehe

Congratulations Donald Trump, the soon to be sworn in POTUS.

No, I wasn't paid to support Trump and I live in Nigeria.

It's just that I usually see beyond the pretty obvious and can spot a lie, misinformation or propaganda from 10 miles and I never allow the media or popular opinion to affect how I see and interpret things.

I was right about Iraq, Libya and Syria.

In Nigeria, PMB should have been elected in 2011. Atiku Abubakar should have become APC presidential candidate and should have been elected in 2015.

It is not about making noise up and down repeating propaganda from compromised media houses and paid agents.

It is about learning to see beyond the pretty obvious.

Didn't I tell you that the US will either vote in a good man Trump or rig into office Hilary?

Ghaddafi"s spirit has completed his fight back from Sakorzy to Obama and Hilary.

Ghaddafi's spirit lives on.

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