What exactly do you want the Enugu state governor to do that he hasn't done concerning the armed Fulani herdsmen attacks?

What exactly do you want the Enugu state governor to do that he hasn't done concerning the armed Fulani herdsmen attacks?

He visited Nimbo and pledged to set up a vigilante project that will police all the LGAs in the state. I believe he pledged N100m.

He left Enugu and went to see the president over the same issue and to the best of my knowledge the president condemned the attacks (the first time he did so) and promised to do whatever it would take to arrest the perpetrators of the crime. Some of the attackers were arrested.

He sent a bill to the state house of assembly to restrict the movement and activities of the herdsmen so as to reduce clashes with locals in their domains and farmlands.

He visited Akegbe Ugwu after the last attack that led to the death of one Catholic priest. He insisted and instructed the leaders of the Fulani herdsmen to produce the killers. At least, one person has been arrested.

Could someone educate me here as regards what he ought to have done that he hasn't done?

I agree that Enugu state does not have a vibrant political opposition thanks to the clannish nature of the last governor's style and Enugu state is the greatest loser in this regard because states that have vibrant oppositions throw up good or qualities candidates for the people to choose from.

In Enugu state, right from the time of Chimaroke Nnamani to Sullivan Chime's administration, whoever they anoint becomes the next governor of the state and this is not right.

So, while I am not a fan of the current Enugu state governor I fail to see where he has erred thus far in the handling of the armed Fulani herdsmen attacks in Enugu state.

Do not forget that these murderous herdsmen have killed far more number of Northerners and Muslims in the North and continue to do so till today than they have killed our people on our land.

Does it also mean that the governors of those Northern states are weak, incompetent and should resign?

I am not unaware of some of the political undertones behind these harsh criticisms that are most times garnished with insults so try to understand that opposition party members will use whatever means they can to discredit the ruling party and the governor.

The governor remains the political leader of Enugu people in the country today and as such, he should get all the respect his person or the office he occupies deserves!

There is nothing wrong with criticizing the governor whether constructively or even destructively but insults should be out of the equation.

If you don't like the governor just wait till 2019 to vote him out. Until then, criticize him and his policies based on facts and the truth.

Or, do you expect our governor to dress up like Rambo with guns and bullet proof vest and go into the forests in Enugu to find the armed Fulani herdsmen before you believe he is doing something?

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