All Nigerians are either closet or genuinely confused tribalists

All Nigerians are either closet or genuinely confused tribalists

Nationalist: a person who advocates political independence for a country.

Tribalist: an advocate or practitioner of strong loyalty to one's own tribe or social group.

Based on the above definitions all Nigerians are tribalists!!!

After Nigeria gained independence from the British in 1960 any Nigerian claiming to be a nationalist is either confused or doesn't really understand the meaning of the word 'nationalist'.

Name one Nigerian that you believe can be referred to as a nationalist assuming we even modify the word to include those that believe they will put Nigeria first before their tribes or ethnic groups and I will tell you why those people are closet or genuinely confused tribalists.

In times of war, chaos, holidays, elections etc you know where people really have their hearts focused on.

I believe in project Nigeria as a proud Igbo man.

I don't have to deny my Igboness just to be accepted as something that doesn't exist in the real sense.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a tribalist.

However, there is everything wrong with hating other tribes, ethnic groups or actively cheating, harming, hurting and spreading lies and propaganda against other tribes and ethnic groups.

You can change your nationality but you cannot change your tribe, ethnic group or race.

From admissions into schools to employment opportunities to sharing of political positions and resources things like religion, tribes, ethnic groups etc will always come up so who is fooling who?

The Hausas and Fulanis say they are born to rule and they don't joke with Islam and most of them are favorable to Sharia.

The Igbos say they are the best in commerce and if not for the marginalization they would have gone far and they don't joke with Christianity.

The Yorubas pride themselves as the most sophisticated tribe in Nigeria and will not hesitate to tell non Yorubas that Lagos is their own and that if you don't like the choice of the Lagos Oba during elections they would push people from the South East into the lagoon.

The Niger Deltans will never hesitate to remind you that the crude oil from their lands are being used to feed and sustain Nigeria since oil was discovered forgetting the fact that before crude oil they benefited from groundnut pyramids, cocoa, coal, palm oil etc from other regions.

Where do the rich and powerful Nigerians retire to when they leave active politics and business? Their villages!!!

They erect mansions there from one duplex to 50 or 100 rooms mansions.

Your action speaks louder than your voice!!!

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