Fight crime by fighting poverty

Fight crime by fighting poverty

When jobs are lost and businesses shut down more and more people cannot guarantee what they will eat to remain alive whether as the bread winners or dependents and what this means is that more and more people will take to crime to survive because you don’t expect active men and women to sit at home and starve to death just because they cannot get jobs or start a business of their own.

Now, does it make any sense for you to have all the money in Nigeria and be surrounded by real and potential thieves, armed robbers, kidnappers and assassins who by the way don’t bother to target poor people but rich people?

If you are rich and everyone around you is poor then you are nothing but a sitting target waiting for the next armed robber, kidnapper etc to attack you.

Does it make any sense for someone to be rich and the only way he feels secure is by building walls as high as those you find in the prison yards, having police dogs everywhere, moving around in vehicles with tinted glasses, having armed thugs and security men following you everywhere you go, watching over you even when you are having sex and living like a prisoner in your own house or office just because you are afraid of your fellow human beings and neighbors?

Any wealth that will turn one into a prisoner doesn’t make any sense. How then do you enjoy your money or wealth when you cannot relate with normal human beings in those places that you enjoyed visiting before you became wealthy?

Increase in job losses and unemployment will naturally lead to increase in crime which in turn will lead to increased exposure to attacks by the criminals on the rich including their immediate family members.

Yet, we have more than enough money in Nigeria to guarantee that no one is left behind irrespective of tribe, religion or gender.

Is this as a result of greed, wickedness or both?

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