David Mark urges youths to embrace sports, entertainment to promote unity

David Mark urges youths to embrace sports, entertainment to promote unity

Wonderful advice!!

So that the youths will play football or engage in boxing and wrestling when they are not singing and dancing after the reggae play the blues while the older Nigerians promote unity by playing politics and sharing our national wealth?

No sir, let us try reversing the roles.

Let the youths embrace politics so they can try to fix the mess we are in today and see if they can create a better future for themselves and the future generations while the older politicians embrace sports and entertainment to promote unity.

At least, the older Nigerians have enough experience to teach the younger ones how sports and entertainment would help promote unity in Nigeria.

Nigerian youths remain the most docile politically unaware youths in the world today and they appear to be cool with it otherwise the politicians would not see them as being good enough to work as touts, thugs, body guards, ballot box snatchers, election rigger, assassins and arsonists during election time.


Mark urges youths to embrace sports, entertainment to promote unity

on December 27, 2015   /   in News 6:55 pm   /

Former Senate President David Mark, has urged youths in the country to take to sports and the entertainment industry as means of promoting peace and unity across the country.

Mark who said this at the opening of the 2015 Mark d’Ball Basketball Competition in Otukpo, Benue, said athletes as well as those in the entertainment industry had done so well to unite the country.

According to Mark, Nigerians abandon tribalism and ethnicity whenever the country is taking part in international competitions.

This, he said, was also being exhibited in the entertainment industry, where artists and comedians from different parts of the country crack jokes as a means providing entertainment to earn a living.

He said the country and the teeming population would be able to surmount security and economic challenges, if the youths could engage in at least one sport or another.

“I urge young people to take part in at least one sport and the sky will be their limit.

“Jamaica is a small country but they rule the world in athletics; we in Idoma land can produce world champions in so many sporting activities.

“I will also encourage youths to emulate popular comedians like `Clint the drunk’, singer Tecno and others who are making waves in the entertainment industry.

“These people have made impact in the society; so, I urge you to build that talent which can see you become national and international figures.

“I want to see our young ones do something productive in the society in order to build the Nigeria of our dream,’’ Mark said.

He assured the people of Otukpo of his commitment toward building an indoor sports hall in the area as part of efforts to develop sports at the grassroots.

He noted that it was regrettable that approval had yet to be received for the construction of the indoor sports hall to enable construction work to commence.

“Last year, I promised that the next edition of Mark d’ball will be staged in an indoor hall.

“I have applied for this place (the Otukpo Sports Club) to be given to us officially so that we can site an indoor court for bastekball.

“The approval has yet to be received and that is why we are still holding this event in an open court. As soon as the approval comes, we will do that,’’ he said.

Abba Moro, former Minister of Internal Affairs urged the youths to concentrate on things that unite the country rather than things that divide it.

According to Moro, Mark d’ball basketball competition has become a uniting factor in the country because it attracts participants from the 36 states of the country.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that some prominent entertainers, including high life musician Bongos Ikwue, Fryo, Tecno and Cynthia Morgan performed at the occasion.

Comedians, including Samson and son, Clint the drunk, Fred Bright and Pastor Nicodemus thrilled the audience with their jokes.

Eight male and eight female teams from different parts of the country are participating in this year’s Mark d’ball basketball competition, which would run from Dec. 26 to Dec. 31.

Culled from http://www.vanguardngr.com/2015/12/mark-urges-youths-to-embrace-sports-entertainment-to-promote-unity/

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