Ethnicity and religion have been used to destroy this country

Ethnicity and religion have been used to destroy this country

So, top civil servants are now selling off their choice properties just to escape the eyes of anti corruption agencies?

Was it not Chief Arthur Nzeribe that made a recommendation in the Senate when he was a senator that solving the problem of corruption in Nigeria was a very simple thing since all that needed to be done was tie assets and properties to their owners and then ask the owners to explain source of income or funds used to acquire them.

What happened to that recommendation?

Why was it not adopted?

Was it because he was from the wrong part of the country?

It was the former vice president Atiku Abubakar that once stated that he opposed the idea of 6 geo political zones in Nigeria when it was brought forward by Chief Alex Ekwueme because he thought Chief Ekwueme was trying to bring back Biafra through the back door.

To Atiku Abubakar​'s credit he admitted his mistake, something a lot of Nigerians won't ever do.

All these suspicions and mistrust based on ethnicity and/or religion should stop.

Come up with a wonderful idea in Nigeria and instead of Nigerians looking at the merits and demerits of the idea majority of us will want to know where the person comes from, his ethnic group and possibly his religion before deciding whether to take the idea serious or send it to the trash can.

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