Political campaigns are over, we have one Nigeria to support and build

Political campaigns are over, we have one Nigeria to support and build

When you accuse people that criticize PMB of wishing him failure then it simply means that all the while you were criticizing GEJ that you not only wished him failure but worked hard to ensure that he failed through sabotage, prayers, misinformation, lies and propaganda, not so?

Do people really take time to think through things before voicing them out or putting them down in black and white?

GEJ ran into problems because he didn't pay attention to serious criticisms as sycophants and his media aides and handlers gave him false sense of confidence that everything was in order and as we say nothing mega.

PMB will benefit more from criticisms especially constructive ones than praises from close associates, sycophants and media aides that will dismiss every criticism as opposition politics and wanting the president to fail.

Unfortunately, majority of Nigerians are stubborn and would only begin to take things serious when it is already too late to rememdy things and when the harm must have been done.

PMB is the president of Nigeria and his failure will simple mean that majority of Nigerians will suffer so it is not in anyone's best interest for him to fail unless of course you are talking about the few political jobbers who are more interested in PDP returning to power than in any other thing.

Today, even Bola Tinubu is saying the GEJ was a good man but was surrounded by bad advisers and that he didn't listen to advice and criticisms.

May we not hear the same stories after 2019 because the wise will always learn from other peoples mistakes and not wait to experience the mistakes first hand before learning from them.

The fate of about 180 million Nigerians is way too much to be ignored just because of the feelings and sentiments of a few supporters and defenders of a politician or a particular political party.

Presidents and political parties will come and go but Nigeria will still remain so people should learn to see beyond the individual or party in Aso Rock when talking about a better Nigeria where no one will be left behind since God gave us natural resources, human resources, good weather and lands that can grow our foods and livestock.

We have no reason to fail as a nation but first we must find the courage to tell a politician 'sir this policy is not right, here is a better plan and then give reasons why you believe there is a better plan'.

Hunger, accidents, Boko Haram attacks, poverty etc do not ask their victims what their ethnic groups, religions or political parties are before dealing with them.

Political campaigns are over, we have one Nigeria to support and build. APC or PDP issues will only be relevant when 2019 draws near.

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