Nigeria based Nigerians equally care for US based Nigerians

Dear US based Nigerians,We care for you and want the best for you as friends and relatives and that is why some Nigerians in Nigeria are bothered about the US presidential election and based on wisdom, objectivity and sincerity supported Donald Trump who eventually won the election even though you told us that we don't live in the US and as such do not understand US politics.Remember some of you guys effortlessly come up with all......


Get electrical or power cables routinely checked to prevent fire outbreaks

A loud sound plus thick smoke coming from the freezer power cord area disrupted a quiet even 2 days ago and when I switched off the socket and cut the power cord at the section that was the warmest I noticed a very disturbing problem.At different sections along the power cord the live wire, the neutral and the earth wire have basically become dust. The wires must have gradually expired in my opinion since that is......


Purge yourself of everything you cannot categorically determine it's correctness or otherwise and you will see clearly

Don't judge people based on other peoples stories and experiences because they may be based on misinformation, misunderstanding or lies.Never you see others using other peoples eyes when you still have functional eyes of your own.Often times, people want you to love who they love, like who they like, hate who they hate or detest who they detest.People that reason like this are petty, childish and wicked.If you are not careful you would hate and hurt......


South East federal roads: Blame Igbo politicians, their collaborators and Goodluck Jonathan not Muhammadu Buhari

The South East is under siege and the people responsible for the state of the poor infrastructure in the geo political zone are Igbo politicians and contractors who share money meant for projects. I heard that for the past 7 years the same federal roads in the South East have been budgeted for, funds released and the roads marked completed by the contractors. The ministry of works should publish the details of the projects, the contractors......


Every message has a creator and unless you understand the creator and his motives you may never fully understand the message

Do you know see why I keep talking about media lies, misinformation and propaganda the effects they have on the masses who unfortunately tend to believe and trust the same media outlets that have interests to protect? Every message has a creator and unless you understand the creator and his motives you may never fully understand the message. So, when you wrongly assume that I am always going against popular opinion it is because I have......


As Donald Trump becomes the next POTUS

Americans are simply saying that anyone that could effortlessly delete emails could as well delete nuclear codes hehehe Congratulations Donald Trump, the soon to be sworn in POTUS. No, I wasn't paid to support Trump and I live in Nigeria. It's just that I usually see beyond the pretty obvious and can spot a lie, misinformation or propaganda from 10 miles and I never allow the media or popular opinion to affect how I see and......


Obama admitted US presidential elections have been rigged in the past sometime in 2008

This is for every single person that believes that the US presidential election cannot be rigged. Hear from the horse's mouth (Obama) when he was campaigning for president. I don't like the idea of people that have failed to carry out basic research on issues they dabble into accusing those that are making factual statements about not knowing what they are talking about. And yes, you may be living in the US without understanding how certain......


If we support the Igbo to have a president today, the abandoned property will come back - Edwin Clark

If we support the Igbo to have a president today, the abandoned property will come back. They have not forgiven us. I believe the issue of abandoned property shall be reviewed so that the Igbo will take all their property in Port Harcourt which will make them own Port Harcourt - Edwin Kiagbodo Clark ------------------------------------- Hahaha no be wetin I dey tell them since? Ignorance na bad thing. Northerners returned abandoned houses to the Igbos,......


Using programming skills to solve a real life software problem

Q. Is it possible for me to automatically post news on twitter from our news website the way facebook allows one to automatically post facebook update on their twitter accounts? A. But you can share the story on facebook and facebook will do the job? Q. Yes, but I don't like how facebook formats the update, it simply gets the first 140 characters of the update and auto posts on twitter. I want to have only......


Acquiring IT skills is a lot easier than you think

If you have a laptop and have access to the internet then you have what it takes to acquire IT skills especially software based skills like web development and programming even without going to a regular IT school. Add patience and willingness to learn new things without being intellectually stubborn and you may be on your way to knowing enough to take on any software development job no matter the complexity and business process involved. Instead......


Any difference between the Niger Delta leaders and Northern political elite?

Abeg, wetin be the difference between these Niger Delta leaders that are asking for oil blocs in spite of the level of development in the Niger Delta and the Northern political elites that have oil blocs considering the level of poverty, education and standard of living in the North? Everywhere you turn you see greedy politicians that don't give a damn about the masses as long as their bank accounts are doing well. The youths must......


They abuse you for holding a position then turn around to adopt the same position? Wonderful!

Some of the people that abused me and claimed I was working against the interest of the Igbos because I made it clear that nothing will come out of Biafra agitation unless the following issues are addressed are now saying the same thing1. Mandate - only the elected governors and law makers have the mandate to speak for their people2. Biafra definition - not having a clear definition of the people that make up Biafra and......


Crude oil production nearly back to normal with crude selling at over $50 per barrel

Pay attention to this. Nearly back to normal with crude selling at over $50 per barrel is not small money ooo so let us stop believing that we are not getting money from crude sales.Customs and FIRS are still generating billions for Nigeria apart from your 50k per transaction stamp duty charges. We must keep asking questions because the revenue belongs to Nigeria not the politicians.   ------------------------------------ Nigeria’s oil production nearly back to normal: Minister......


BREAKING: Senate rejects Buhari’s $30bn loan request - Punch

This is good. Very good! Let Nigerians focus on the elected representatives so that serious issues will be addressed appropriately. ----------------------------------- The Senate has rejected President Muhammadu Buhari’s external borrowing plan of $30bn for the execution of projects from 2016 to 2018. The nays had it when the borrowing plan was put to a vote on the floor of the chamber during the plenary on Tuesday. The borrowing plan was not debated at all. Details later…......


Restructure Nigeria: Even the colonialists didn't set up Nigeria as a crude oil producing country

The people holding Nigeria down and preventing Nigeria from becoming a progressive country where poverty will be a thing of the past are the people against restructuring and more powers given to the regions or states so that each region or state can focus on their strengths and maximize their potentials for the benefit of the people in those states and beyond. Healthy competition will benefit Nigeria and Nigerians. Even the colonialists didn't set up Nigeria......


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