Competition drives innovation

The FG can help create 20 or more Dangotes in Nigeria by granting those other Nigerians even 50% of what they grant Dangote in terms of waivers, concessions and access to forex at official rates and Nigerians will benefit more.You have a lot of billionaires in the US because the system discourages monopoly and promotes healthy competition since they understand the long term damage monopoly will cause on the American people and economy. The current situation......


SON, Agency Plan Energy Efficiency in Households, Public Buildings

The Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) and the Nigerian Energy Support Programme (NESP) have created a strategic action to improve energy efficiency of equipment used in residential and public buildings in Nigeria. The acting Director-General of SON, Dr. Paul Angya, said that the agency will facilitate access to information for consultants, set up and support the technical committee for air condition standards and labels that will support the promotion and creation of awareness in the country.......


Why keep funds that banks were using to do business in CBN vaults all in the name of TSA?

You see, you don't need to be a career economist for you to know that the only sensible way out of this APC FG induced recession is for the FG to increase spending!!!Why keep funds that banks were using to do business in CBN vaults all in the name of TSA?FG should kick start the recovery process by releasing money into the system by carrying out capital projects which will create jobs.This will help in the......


It’s cheaper to import petrol than refine locally — Kachikwu

This simply shows that APC is confused.How can importation of refined petroleum be cheaper than locally refined one considering all the associated administrative and import/export plus transportation and storage costs involved?This does not make any sense at all.Put differently, perish the idea of local refineries and prepare for increased pump price without any end in sight.May be God is just trying to teach us a very hard lesson for preferring lies, misinformation and propaganda to the......


All well meaning Nigerians will definitely want to help the president to succeed but the question remains - how?

Olusegun Obasanjo ranks no 1 when it comes to sourcing for and making use of Nigerians to tackle problems in Nigeria as president regardless of ethnic and religious considerations.Late Sani Abacha ranks no 1 when it comes to maintaining the dignity and pride of Nigerians as a leader in spite of his short comings.Let President Muhammadu Buhari practice what these 2 men did while in office and see if we will not overcome the current challenges......


When you pay FRSC for a drivers license and get stamped photocopies instead

Refusing to accept responsibility is corruption.I went to extend the validity period of the photocopy of my driver's license that I have been carrying around for almost 2 years since completing the entire process involved in acquiring a new drivers license.By the way, my wife collected hers a few months after we completed the process yet we applied the same time and did the capture same day.Based on experience I came prepared with 2 fresh photocopies......


It is 420 naira to a dollar as at this morning!

Is Nigeria the only country in the world that witnessed drop in crude oil price even though it has gone up again?Even some African nations that export crude oil are doing better than Nigeria in terms of currency value and state of the economy in those countries.President Buhari, please look beyond the 97% people and ask or beg the likes of Ngozi Okonjo Iweala to come and help solve this economic problem we are facing because......


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