Tokunbo, thanks for providing the opportunity once again to dismantle your propaganda, misinformation and threats

@Tokunbo, thanks for providing the opportunity once again to dismantle your propaganda, misinformation and threats.I will address your response paragraph by paragraph so that your own readers including those that send you emails will get proper feedback.---Yorubas joining the Hausas to keep Igbos> Nigerians> does NOT justified living their own villages, states and nation in drove to choke them to death. Many Europeans countries colonised many African countries but that does not mean every colonised Africans......


Still on propaganda, misinformation and false accusations against the Igbos

One fact remains - if the Yorubas did not join the Hausas when Gowon declared war on Biafra you will not be complaining that Igbos are taking over commercial activities in Lagos today.Before the war, Igbos were living in different parts of Nigeria.Some people complained that Igbos were dominating other tribes yet non Easterners came together to fight them when they decided to leave Nigeria for those that didn't like them and at the end of......


Promoting renewable and alternative energy while depending on good old coal for electricity - The hypocrisy of the developed nations

“Why is Germany burning more coal after closing nukes? Because coal = real electricity. Wind can’t provide it.”Germany recently broke the solar energy generation record it previously set just a few months ago yet they still depend and rely on the good old coal to generate electricity.Now, the US with a population of about 300 million people get about 40% of their electricity from coal and 30% from natural gas (both fossil fuels).China, the country with......


Properties and structures don't make a state or region great, people do!!!

To all the people talking about Nigeria's separation and how Igbos would lose their properties and how the people from the regions would now occupy them I have this to say to you...Properties and structures don't make a state or region great, people do!!!If you can turn 20 pounds after the war into enough money to buy virgin lands in different states outside the South East and build structures and sky scrapers there then it means......


Beware of conditional prophesies as they are as good as any scam out there

What's the meaning of'prominent people will die this year, to avert this pray''there will be accidents this year, pray if you don't want them to happen''I see war around the corner, fast and pray if you don't want war to happen'Now, if these things happen, the person making these statements would claim that we didn't pray enough and if they do not happen the same person would claim that the prayers prevented them from happening.So, it......


Obama's spectacular failure of leadership on Syria

No truer words have ever been said concerning Obama's comments and pronouncements on Syria.Meanwhile, from day 1, Assad made it clear that Syria won't be another Libya and thus far he has been correct.The world is waking up now, more and more people are asking questions, seeking clarifications and rejecting illogical statements from the powerful mainstream media and the powerful nations using them as propaganda channels.At the height of the US/NATO invasion and destruction of Libya,......


Church of England has up to £10m invested in arms firm

The more you know about organized religion the more you question every damn thing they say! The world would be a much better place without all these organized religions because they have led to unnecessary deaths all in the name of religious supremacy and superiority battles. ---------------------------------------- Church of England has up to £10m invested in arms firm On eve of protests at London arms fair, C of E is accused of failing to live up......


PDP split - GEJ's golden and once in a life time opportunity

What the PDP split with the attendant conditions for peace/resolution shows is that the politicians and ruling class don't give a damn about the people as they are all interested in seizing power at all cost and I doubt if they are doing this out of their love for Nigerians.Yet, the problem in PDP presents GEJ with a golden and once in a life time opportunity to side with over 160 million Nigerians and let us......


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