Biafra Republic existed between 1967 and 1970

Biafra Republic existed between 1967 and 1970 This period was when the people of the then Eastern region were forced to secede from Nigeria since the lives of the people from the region could not be guaranteed and protected by the government of Nigeria. Massacres and pogroms were carried out with either connivance or active support of the security forces outside the then Eastern region who did next to nothing to protect innocent civilians especially the......


4 yrs or 8yrs is actually a short time in the life of a country like Nigeria so think deeply before justifying certain actions or policies

Some of my Northern friends have defended the lopsided appointments made by President Buhari thus far as they talk about competence and qualification as the yardsticks.I hope the people saying this understand the fact that it is easier to defend a Nigeria with Southerners holding over 90% of the appointments and positions based on academic qualifications and competence than it is to defend a Nigeria with Northerners holding up to 65% of the appointments and positions......


Who steals money without using the money to purchase physical items?

Still on Chief Arthur Nzeribe's earlier anti corruption recommendation - link every asset or property to the owner and let the owner explain the source of wealth or money used to acquire the property.Who steals money without using the money to purchase physical items?This idea of even jobless people suddenly buying cars and houses without anyone (especially family members and friends) asking questions is bad and encourages all sorts of crimes out there by people that......


And some Igbo people are excited that Asari is now more Biafran than Niger Deltan?

So Biafra is the new cash cow Asari is banking on to remain in the news while hoping for a business opportunity since he cannot talk about marginalization of the Niger Delta after GEJ served as vice president, acting president and president, right? And some Igbo people are excited that Asari is now more Biafran than Niger Deltan? How about a Niger Delta Republic or Kalabari Republic? Abi, hin no like am like that? The fact......


Who is setting Gov Adams Oshiomole up by feeding him false information?

All from the same man----1. GEJ's government was very corrupt.2. We didn't find any evidence of corruption against GEJ but he should be held responsible for the actions of his people3. Okonjo Iweala diverted money (a response from Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala made nonsense of the allegation)4. GEJ's agricultural reform was a scam (Adesina just rubbished that statement) 5. Jonathan's lootings forced me to secure $75m loan from World Bank -----There is life outside politics and power is......


Ethnicity and religion have been used to destroy this country

So, top civil servants are now selling off their choice properties just to escape the eyes of anti corruption agencies?Was it not Chief Arthur Nzeribe that made a recommendation in the Senate when he was a senator that solving the problem of corruption in Nigeria was a very simple thing since all that needed to be done was tie assets and properties to their owners and then ask the owners to explain source of income or......


Selling the zoo, Ngwo park and burial ground in Enugu state to property developers remains a shame

So the former governor of Enugu state Sullivan Chime sold Ngwo Park and people are building houses there?Must our politicians see selling lands as development when they are not estate agents?Chimaroke sold the Enugu zoo when he was in power. I heard the current governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has a house there.Sullivan sold Ngwo Park, the burial ground near police college with dead people and turned Polo Park to a shopping mall.The politicians that created all those......


The delay in appointing ministers and forming a proper government is proof that President Buhari wants to be his own man and not a tool to be used by APC

This is easy to figure out because politicians always look forward to getting returns on their investments. Some of them borrowed money, sold properties, some even killed political opponents and may have buried alive both human beings and animals as directed by their juju cum religious leaders.President Buhari freeing himself from the stranglehold of APC is a positive development yet this is risky if he surrounds himself with and listens to people that do not know......


For these hypocrites all that matters is that President Buhari must be supported and defended otherwise you are a bloody infidel and an evil Nigerian

A Catholic priest from the South East praises President Buhari and condemns GEJ and most Northerners and Muslims support the priest and call him a true man of God even though the same priest praised GEJ a month before the pro PMB sermon.Then a Catholic priest from the North tells President Buhari that he needs to start working that Nigerians don't have all the time in the world and the same Northerners and Muslims begin to......


Why do we shamelessly display this type of hypocrisy?

Stella Oduah was called a thief for approving requests for operational vehicles (not for her own use) an autonomous agency NCAA brought to her table as the aviation minister.If she had said no to the request, the same people that condemned the purchase would have accused her of frustrating the work of the autonomous agency whose job includes monitoring the aviation ministry sef.The bullet proof vehicles were neither for her personal use, her office nor even......


Any serious fight against corruption in Nigeria would see almost all the civil servants, politicians and others killed or jailed

Any serious fight against corruption in Nigeria would see almost all the civil servants, politicians, policemen, PHCN workers and businessmen either executed or serving life jail terms. If you eradicate corruption a lot of people would commit suicide because being corrupt is the only way they know and without corruption they will simply shut down. This is how bad the situation is in Nigeria and this is why no serious anti corruption fight has taken place......


Stop poaching our achievements, fulfil your bogus promises – PDP tells APC

The All Progressives Congress (APC), has been advised to work hard on delivering on its “bogus” promises and earn its own credit instead of celebrating what the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) left on ground. - WhirlWindNews   ---------------------------------------------PDP should go and sit down abeg.I remember asking the PDP publicity secretary who is a facebook friend to provide lists of GEJ's projects for listing and publication on website at no cost whatsoever and he ignored the......


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