Not knowing how powerful you are is a disease

The people that make up the electorate are the youths and the women out there yet they are the same people the government don't really give a damn about as they are remembered only during election time for their votes and muscles as thugs and touts. What does it take for the youths and women to come together to form a mass driven political party and send all these politicians that have been active in Nigeria......


Cameroon takes control in disputed Bakassi

Nigeria waged a bitter 30 month old war against Biafra between 1967 and 1970 and the reason was that Nigeria wanted ONE INDIVISIBLE Nigeria.At the end of the war, about 3 million people from the then Eastern region were murdered.Fast forward to the Bakassi issue - Nigeria happily gave away the oil rich Bakassi to Cameron without firing a single shot in the air even if the bullet na blank sef.Now, I am forced to ask......


Remember, emotional people are usually unreasonable when they analyze serious issues

On matters you don't have 100% control over the reactions or consequences of your actions it pays to see beyond the obvious, step back a bit and look at the issues without prejudices, biases, sentiments and emotions, choose facts, logic and common sense over propaganda or pre determined mindsets and stereotypes.Remember, emotional people are usually unreasonable when they analyze serious issues.From deportation we went to ownership of Lagos and demand for Fashola to apologize, then we......


For the society to get better people must ask questions, sensible questions for that matter

That young man that is being hired as a thug, tout, assassin etc by a politician or a powerful/wealthy Nigerian, when will he ask so as to know why the male children of these politicians or powerful/wealthy Nigerians are not being considered for the jobs they are given to carry out?What's the relationship between my being asked to work as a thug or tout and the politician's son studying abroad even when he may be better......


Alleged 'deportation' of Igbos by Lagos state government - Beyond ethnic bigotry and politics

You know that you are in a mess when religious and ethnic bigotry take center stage and determine both the present and the future of a people. Unfortunately, some of us are straight talkers and as such we don't know how to say A when we mean B. I am not a politician and I don't pray to be one. With time, we will know those that are genuinely interested in the progress, development, safety and......


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