Opportunity to hold a political position is not an opportunity to steal and loot the treasury

Was it $6b or $9.3b that Oshiomole heard? If it is indeed true that one Nigerian has $6b or at least two Nigerians have $9.3b in their bank accounts then PMB should prosecute them, get the monies back to Nigeria and use same to tackle some of the problems on ground from defending the naira to sorting out this fuel scarcity to investing in whatever infrastructure he wants to focus on. There is no time to......


We must not self destruct!!!

Nigeria survived ebola and dealt with it even when the same US people rely so much on refused to give the so called experimental drug to Nigeria. Nigeria pushed back boko haram and recaptured almost all the territories they controlled just before May 29th even though the US and her allies frustrated efforts by Nigeria to get arms to fight boko haram. Nigeria survived the so called 2015 disintegration nonsense thanks to the handling of the......


PMB's media team worse than GEJ's media team

On a scale of 1 - 100% GEJ's media and publicity team - 30% PMB's media and publicity team - 10% At this rate the likes of Okupe, Abati and Reno would become shining stars when compared to all the people that have anything to do with PMB's media and publicity team. Are these guys just incompetent or are they double agents? Nigeria has never witnessed the embarrassing level of double speaks, outright lies, misinformation and......


Selective fight against corruption is 100% better than no fight against corruption

GEJ was president for 5 years and he had the powers to probe any previous regime but decided not to. That was his style and his style must be respected. PMB has the powers to probe any previous regime and if he decides to probe the immediate past regime we must respect his decision and style. What we should oppose is the idea of innocent Nigerians being persecuted and prosecuted for what they didn't do. PMB......


In 1964 the World Bank named Eastern Nigeria the fastest growing regional econ­omy on earth

History 601 -- In 1964 the World Bank named Eastern Nigeria the fastest growing regional econ­omy on earth. At the time of this assess­ment, Eastern Nigeria was made up of the present five states of the South East, plus four out of the present six states of the South South. Reason for the assessment was that in 1964, Nigeria was the world’s largest producer and exporter of palm oil and palm kernel. Above 90 per cent......


How can APC ask Ekweremadu to resign so that they can give the post of SFG to an Igbo man?

How can APC ask Ekweremadu to resign so that they can give the post of SFG to an Igbo man? The request is pure nonsense. Let APC give the post to anyone from the North or South West the Igbos don't bloody care!!! They should also exclude the Igbos from ministerial positions under PMB and we won't give a damn! If they want Ekweremadu out they should talk to the Senators and secure 2/3 votes, after......


Shouldn't the president/presidency have a proper information/communication channel for pronouncements, policy statements and announcements?

---- Federal government of Nigeria orders reinstatement of road blocks across Nigeria ---- "The President never ordered demolition of Road blocks, he was misquoted." - Sambo Dasuki ------------------------------------------------ What then happens to the plan by IG Arase to deploy special highway patrol vehicles based on the initial and widely publicized removal of road blocks nationwide? Shouldn't the president/presidency have a proper information/communication channel where pronouncements, policy statements and announcements made by him can be published for......


Let us hope that EFCC and the judiciary will seize the opportunity and build on this momentum by going after other politicians

The recent arrests, prosecution, difficult to meet bail conditions and detentions of politicians including governors should be celebrated and the fact that it is the same EFCC leadership that is doing all these simply means that Lamorde led EFCC didn't feel he had the backing of the former president to go after high profile politicians. The Ibrahim Lamorde I know will go after anyone if the government of the day gives him a free hand to......


Amaechi lol. Afam is a Buharist who temporarily lost his way

Sambo Magaji wrote: Amaechi lol. Afam is a Buharist who temporarily lost his way. ---------- I chose to abandon Buhari 2 months to the last presidential election (February date) for 2 good reasons 1. He was not the same Buhari I campaigned for in 2011 considering the fact that he was depending on the likes of Bola Tinubu and Rotimi Amaechi to become president. My fear was that this was a different man that would be......


The Igbos don't need a single drop of crude oil from non Igbo lands

I detest any form of independent Igbo nation that includes non Igbos and only ignorant Nigerians keep talking about crude oil outside Igbo land being sought by the Igbos because such people do not know that majority of the oil wells in Nigeria (outside those offshore out there in the Atlantic ocean) are in Igbo lands whether in the present day South East or parts of the Igbo lands in Rivers state for example. Any non......


Fighting corruption in a democracy is not as easy as writing out names of people and asking the police to arrest them and put them in cells

Timipre Sylva, Fani Kayode, Buruji Kashamu all discharged and acquitted with charges brought against them either dismissed or dropped. Murtala Nyako has returned to Nigeria and nothing against him. Rabiu Kwankwaso is asking the court to prevent EFCC from arresting him. All these either happened or are happening under PMB/APC administration and you still have the audacity to accuse GEJ/PDP of not fighting corruption even when GEJ was using technological innovations to make it difficult for......


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