The consequences of your actions are yours to face and bear

As we drove past the school gate other students were doing manual labor close around the main field that served as venue for our inter house sports there were chants of "007", "James Bond", "Double 07", "Bond Bond", "Mr Bond" etc in the air the moment some of my school mates saw me in the car. My step mum (may her soul rest in peace) and her brother were bringing me back to school (Command Secondary......


June 12 public holiday is not the same thing as May 30 sit at home order

The difference between June 12 public holidays in the South West and the IPOB's sit at home order in the South East is very simple and crystal clear...June 12 holidays - declared by elected governors who have the mandate of the people and the authority to make such declarations.Sit at home - ordered by self appointed non elected group that do not have the mandate of the people or the authority to issue such orders.Put differently,......


Relocating without restructuring and resource control amounts to losing both the economic and political war without a single shot being fired

Northern Youth Forum is just the same thing as IPOB.They are unelected self appointed people who try to speak on behalf of people that never asked them to speak for them.They both see the older politicians in their regions as ineffective and they both insult and abuse other ethnic groups.If care is not taken, these two groups will set Nigeria ablaze.Those who have refused to condemn some actions of either group due to fear will ultimately......


Our leaders should stop destroying the Chinese spirit in Nigerians

The world especially developing nations should be grateful to China because without China a lot of developing nations would have been worse off today when it comes to access to technology.From cheap mobile phones to cheap solar panels to cheap electronics to cheap medical equipment the story is the same - gadgets that would have been too expensive for most people to acquire are in the hands of such people today and we have China to......


Ndigbo should mind their business and let their neighboring minority ethnic groups be

The only way Ndigbo can prove that they are not interested in the crude oil outside Igboland is by restricting their quest for an independent Igbo nation to the 5 South East states otherwise insults and snide remarks from ethnic groups that represent fractions of the whole population in their own states would continue.We have over 300 ethnic nationalities in Nigeria, right?Igbo is one of them and they are found in 5 states in the South......


Nigeria will heal when a genuine truth and reconciliation exercise is carried out

A genuine truth and reconciliation is needed in Nigeria otherwise all the bottled up anger will spill over one day and it won't be a child's play.No ethnic group is perfect.No human being is perfect and as such no individual let alone a politician or a military officer is perfect.Individuals that managed the affairs of Nigeria right from independence in 1960 through the civil war period and till date have made mistakes, committed blunders and have......


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