We are officially the most unserious nation on planet earth

No region should have undue advantage over the rest of the country. It is a shame that the entire country get to suffer as regards revenue in our typical mono-economy scenario or that Nigerians are told by the power minister that we cannot have electricity because of the Niger Delta militants. Before crude oil Nigeria existed with the major regions engaging in things like cocoa, palm oil, groundnuts etc. Why talk about gas fired power plants......


Do I believe that some Chibok students were abducted? YES

Scam - a dishonest scheme; a fraud. --------------------------- I hope some of my friends that are die hard APC supporters will understand this simple definition of the word scam. So, when you say something is a scam it doesn't mean that it doesn't or never happened or existed. It simply means that there is wayo or wuruwuru in the whole thing. Dem dey do person 419 for spiritual realm? No be for physical realm wey physical......


Why is Nigeria broke? The 2 major reasons

The pump price hike has nothing to do with removal of subsidy, Nigeria is broke - Lai Mohammed. --------------------- Why is Nigeria broke? According to APC - Nigeria is broke because GEJ squandered our money and people looted funds left, right and center. But that explanation or answer is nothing but a blatant lie. Here is the truth. There are 2 major reasons; 1. Nigeria is broke because Nigeria failed to listen to GEJ and Iweala......


When things are not done properly confusion will surely be the outcome

Look at the 6 geo political regions in this map of Nigeria and see how dishonest and lousy those that came up with the make up of the regions are. All these just because you want to slow down the economic and developmental potentials of the Igbos in Nigeria? You have the South South but no North North? You have the North Central but no South Central? A badly implemented balkanization agenda! As for the dimensions......


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